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Grit Physiotherapy and Rehab Consulting

In- Home Physiotherapy and Telerehabilitation are the Future!

Ranked as the most livable city, Vancouver rates highly in healthcare services. BC has shortage in physiotherapists and mobile physiotherapy is still not widely available in Metro Vancouver and the need of mobile or home physiotherapist is growing. Avail of our physiotherapy home and community services in metro Vancouver .

Telerehabilitation is intended for clients from the rural areas of BC and clients of the lower mainland if they wanted to be supervised via video conference while they perform their home exercises.

Grit Physio loves to see you when you have Joint replacements ( shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle). If you have Latarjet Shoulder Surgery, ACL reconstructions, Meniscectomy, Post Joint reduction, Open Reduction Internal Fixation, Complicated Fractures from sporting and Motor Vehicular Accidents. We will discuss the established rehabilitation protocols and used our years of hands on direct patient therapeutic care and walk you all throughout your recovery.

Grit Physiotherapy practitioner had seen many stroke and neurological patients in the past. Neurodevelopmental techniques and other well known techniques learned from well known Neuro- physical therapist from the United States were administered and seen to be helping. We understand that it is a long process of recovery but our years of experience will help you bring back the highest potential that you can have.

about home physiotherapy

Our Philosophy

Grit Physiotherapy and Rehab Consulting is dedicated in providing innovative treatment that focuses on holistic interventions in a safe and timely manner.

We would like to aspire to make a difference.


More About Home Physiotherapy

How Are We Different?

We treat the root cause of your issues not your symptoms. We love you to move and be active.

We employ evidence- based physiotherapy practices. We do differential diagnosis and help you understand your symptoms. We render manual therapy including Intramuscular Stimulation or Functional Dry Needling if needed, Progressive Therapeutic exercises, education and state-of the - art modalities if necessary.

Our In Home Physiotherapy are 1- hour assessment and follow up treatments at very affordable service fees. We don’t need to rush you!!

Telerehabilitation via teleconference is new in physiotherapy practice but now becoming more popular. We can arrange an initial visit at your home if you are from Metro Vancouver, we can set up a face to face initial assessment, consultation and treatment with fee. If you decide and we think it is safe for you, you can be part of our telerehabilitation clients. For clients of the rural areas of British Columbia, we can educate you and formulate your home exercise regimen if needed.


Our Therapists

vic home physiotherapist

Vic Edangal

Physiotherapist/ Director

“I like to give IMPACT, CONNECT with the community and EDUCATE clients. This is why I chose physiotherapy.”


  • Member of Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Physiotherapy Association of BC and Kinetacore Dry Needlers.
  • Certified Advanced Vestibular Therapist.
  • Bobath trained Practitioner for treating Neurological clients.
  • Postgraduate Healthcare Management Diploma ( London, UK, 2009-2010)
  • Served as Physiotherapist in Saudi Arabia chain of hospitals, Joint Commission International Accredited ( 2003- 2009); worked side by side with UK trained orthopaedic surgeons and neuro-surgeons before and after surgeries.
  • Neuro-therapist and Orthopaedic Physiotherapist, Tertiary Hospitals in Manila ( 2000- 2003)
  • Physical Therapist in Canada, KSA and Philippines
  • Part time Home Health Physiotherapy Practitioner in KSA and Manila ( 2000- 2009), way of connecting to the community.
  • Called as Witness ( discussed Clinical presentations and interpretations) at British Columbia Supreme Court, New Westminster, BC ( 2019).
  • In his spare time, he loves cycling, running on his treadmill and lifting his kettlebell.


Operations Manager

Christine is a licensed Physical Therapist in the Philippines, worked both in private and public sectors.​ Served and awarded by the local government for her dedication as Director and Senior Physical Therapist of Stimulation and Therapeutic Activity Centre ( Children and Adult Rehabilitation). Christine enjoys cooking, baking and going out with her husband and kids. Some days she made sure that she uses her treadmill and abdometer to stay healthy and fit.