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Tele- rehabilitation is the provision of physiotherapy services from a distance and involves communication with the client who is remotely located from the primary physiotherapist providing service. It uses a secured platform, the "janeapp"  which is also used for online booking. It is now becoming more popular in Canada and the rest of the world.
Physiotherapy management delivered via telerehabilitation are shown to be equally, if not more effective than in person.

Some advantages of telerehab are the following; clients can save time, money and energy travelling to attend out-patient treatments, increase compliance to treatment plans and physio can supervise home exercise program making sure it is done properly, hence improving access to physiotherapy. It also saves clinicians travel time. Above all, clients can do their home exercises in a familiar environment.


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Specific benefits of telerehabilitation:


  • Better Outcome when people at natural environment ( their own home)  just like when you are receiving Home Physiotherapy
  • Improve feasibility of more intensive treatments
  • Improve desire of  independence in the aging population

However, telehealth has few limitations:


  • Physiotherapists are unable to do manual orthopaedic/ physical examinations
  • Not suitable if client needs manual and tissue based therapy
  • Not suitable for bedridden loved ones that require manual, passive and other rehabilitative procedures.
  • Please discuss with our physiotherapist if your case can be performed via telerehabilitation.