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Diagnosis/ PT Impression: Low Back Pain. 

Really! Can we be more specific? Are we listening to what our clients are saying?

To help our clients better,  physiotherapists and healthcare providers have to meticulously evaluate the issues happening on the low back, correlate with the imaging results if available and  listen to the subjective complaints. Try to match the subjective data and objective results, include other factors, think outside the box. Is it making any sense…?  If not, what else can you do? Low back pain is a symptom. Not a diagnosis.

active rehab physiotherapy

Physiotherapy vs. Active Rehab??

Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals that concentrate on diagnosing issues and planning rehabilitative care in different settings. They assess, diagnose and use manual procedures like soft tissue techniques, joint mobilization, manipulation, dry needling, therapeutic agents and therapeutic exercises and protocols.

On the other hand, a Kinesiologist delivers personalized care to help clients reach specific goals. They have thorough knowledge of body movements, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning techniques. They implement active treatments like fitness training and exercise rehab. Their treatment plan is also determined after a thorough patient’s evaluation. The result helps them develop programs centered on more active interventions.

Physiotherapists usually deals with more acute clients most of the time while Kinesiologists usually see clients that may have plateaued from Physiotherapy care.